About St. Adrian of Nicomedia the Catholic Patron Saint of

About St. Adrian of Nicomedia the Catholic Patron Saint of

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About St. Adrian of Nicomedia the Catholic Patron Saint of

St. Adrian of Nicomedia, also is termed Hadrian of Nicomedia was an Herculian guard for the Roman emperor Galerius Maximian throughout the fourth century. While persecuting the Christians, St. Adrian questioned them about why they withstood the ache and suffering and what they expected in the afterlife. The Christians replied, "Eye hath now not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the center of guy, the matters which God hath prepared for them that love him." (I Corinthians 2:9).

St. Adrian of Nicomedia Martyred

Saint Adrian of Nicomedia marveled over the Christian's phrases of religion and the braveness the Christians displayed. Their willingness to die for the sake of Jesus Christ humbled and motivated St. Adrian of Nicomedia that he straight remodeled to Christianity himself, refusing to persecute the Christians anymore, saying, "Write my call down also, for I am a Christian and I die gladly for Christ God". After his conversion, St. Adrian of Nicodemia was brought to the imperial court and tortured. His limbs were severed one at a time on an anvil and then he was beheaded on March 4, 304.. The body of Saint Adrian of Nicomedia was then set on fire but a rainstorm put out the flames and a couple of of the guards were struck by lightning. St. Adrian's wife, Saint Natalia, took one of his hands with her to Argyropolis. Saint Adrian of Nicomedia's hand is now a relic in Grammont, Belgium.

St. Adrian of Nicomedia Patron Saint

Saint Adrian of Nicomedia is the shopper saint of:

– Plague

– Weapons dealers

– Butchers

– Prison guards

– Soldiers

– Epilepsy

St. Adrian of Nicomedia Feast Day

The Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of St. Adrian of Nicomedia, on September eight and the Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates the Feast day of Saint Adrian on March 4, as well to August 26. Saint Adrian of Nicomedia is very honored in Flanders, Germany and Northern France. St. Adrian of Nicomedia medallions and statues most of the time feature the saint with weapons in his hands and an anvil near his feet.

Saint Adrian of Nicomedia Jewelry

Many Catholics wear a St. Adrian of Nicomedia medal or a St. Adrian of Nicomedia necklace all year circular to help prevent opposed to sickness. Christians who be afflicted by epilepsy also wear a Saint Adrian of Nicomedia pendant as defense opposed to epileptic seizures. Parents primarily have their infants wear a St. Adrian of Nicomedia medal to guard them from ailments.

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