How to Build Solar Panel — Materials Needed to Construct a Solar Power Generator

How to Build Solar Panel -- Materials Needed to Construct a Solar Power Generator

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How to Build Solar Panel — Materials Needed to Construct a Solar Power Generator

The first step in learning how to build a sun panel is in knowing what fabrics and fabrics are needed. The parts listed listed here is meant for construction a sun panel ready to powering up small residence machinery like your backyard sprinkler or automatic gate opener.

Now, let's visual appeal at the fabrics we would prefer:

Solar Cells

You have two picks — to buy new sun cells or salvage used ones. Obviously it'll be more costly to buy new sun cells. If you would possibly be on a budget, used photovoltaic cells will do good quality…and also you ought to possibly smartly also get broken sun cells and enroll in them in combination. But in case you would possibly be no longer comfy doing this, it will likely be less frustrating to work with new sun cells in its area.


You'll want three-8th inch thick plywood and these are devoid of problems attainable in your local hardware store. Some artwork provide shops sell high-quality plywood frames, so you ought to use this as smartly in case you recognize how.

Jones Plug

A 2-pin Jones plug is major to attach your sun panel to whatsoever factor of the sun powered circuit. This permits the sun panel to be detached devoid of problems for maintenance when major.

Silicone Caulk

This is a water-resistant seal that is continuously used for fixing bathtubs and kitchen sink.

Super glue and screws

Some wonderful glue (or timber glue) is needed to take hold of the portions in combination beforehand than you flip the screws in. Wood glue will take a lot longer to dry, so wonderful glue is recommended.


The finest kinds of wire for a sun panel are those that come as a twisted pair of red and black. Chances of mixing up their polarity lessen dramatically with these kinds of wire.


Since the sun panel is put exterior, it is major to protect the timber from substances such as precipitation, dew and moisture.


The diode ensures that electricity most effective flows from the sun panel into the battery, not at all throughout the contrary direction. This is to make sure that the battery is no longer discharged into the sun panel throughout the evening.


This is a protective canopy over the sun cells. Plexiglass is by and sizeable appreciated over glass for the purpose that it doesn't break devoid of problems and is easier to take care of.


Having a battery ensures that your appliance continues to run even at evening or on very cloudy days.

The above are the fabrics you  put in combination a solarchronic system that can provide electricity to a small appliance. When you have accumulated more enjoy, you ought to substitute these fabrics for greater ones. As for now, these the only fabrics to work with.

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